So often we get asked about the use of the wood stove, the fireplace or where to find good firewood.

We have another blog on finding and storing firewood you can read.

However there is more.  The booklet on the left is a very good resource and is free.

There is also a blog on the TOP DOWN BURN that you may also find useful as well.

There are many options, from traditional fireplaces, the more advanced rumford fireplace (although an older design it provides far more heat), the fireplace insert, the pellet stove, wood burning furnace, outdoor boiler, wood-stove, wood burning sauna heater, etc.. so many options.

Then the chimney – stainless steel certified chimney, mansonry chimneys, masonry with liners and on and on.

Then the installer – from somebody who is NOT a WETT Certified Technician at all, to the Advanced Technician.   Check on the WETT Site to Find An Installer – we have a WETT Certified Advanced Technician.

Then the maintance – can you or should you sweep yourself?  We have a blog on the pros and cons of that as well.  If you need a hand ensure you find a Certified Sweep – as with installers many who do it are neither properly trained nor certified.  Find one at the WETT Site.  We have a WETT Certified Advanced Chimney Sweep to help you.

If you need help – call us today at (705) 300-1243 or use our contact form.

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