Wood Boiler and Furnace Sweeping

Chimney sweeping isn’t just about dainty wood stoves and sleek fireplaces, we know there is more to heating your home with wood. 

We take as much care and attention with your wood boilers and wood furnaces as we do with the most delicate wood stoves, ensuring your unit is up and roaring cleanly and efficiently.

Before we go any further, I want to thank our friends and supporters for kindly stocking our boiler page with their home heating beasts. We truly have the most supportive community around.

A wood boiler is a high efficiency wood burning machine and it too needs regular maintenance, repair and cleaning to ensure you are getting the most from your home heating system.

It is important to mention that the boiler or wood furnace needs to be completely cooled for our technicians to clean the unit. It is best to have your unit swept at the beginning and the end of every season.  

Planning Ahead?

Give us a call and book your spring and fall maintenance to save 20% and ensure you get the best appointment time possible.

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