Sharing our time and our resources to help support our community at home and around the world.

At WellSwept Chimneys we believe that we are called to be good stewards of our resources and part of that includes a responsibility to lead in our communities.

That’s why we’ve committed to giving of our time, our money and our services to help improve our community both around the corner and around the world.

For us, this is not just a chimney business, this is our legacy.

Our 10% Rule

At WellSwept Chimneys we commit to at least 10% in all our giving.

  • 10% of our Gross Profit (that’s before we even pay ourselves)
  • 10% of our Time (including that of our children’s)
  • and 100% of the circumstances that come our way.

We believe that it is our responsibility, as small business owners, as Christians, as parents, to lead by example in all that we do. To us, that means taking care of our community by giving back to local not-for-profits and registered charities.

We are partnering with Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation through their Business Cares program. 

Our commitment as a company is to give back 10% of our gross earnings annually to not-for-profit organizations and charities that make a huge local impact. We are partnering with the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation to help support exceptional care in our community.

During our second quarter of 2020, June 1 through August 31, we will donate 10% of our gross revenues to the GBGH Foundation.

In addition, as a way of saying thank you to those who refer our small business and help us to become a little less small, we will give a portion of that sale to the GBGH Foundation.

We truly appreciate the team at GBGH and have for years; they are our go to when the kids need a stitch, staple, or glue (thankfully we haven’t personally needed them for anything more significant). 

Find out more about how you can get connected by visiting their website at

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