Do you live in Waubaushene and have a wood burning system? Perhaps a fireplace or wood-stove? When was it last cleaned? Was it cleaned properly? Are you sure? Have you had it cleaned by a WETT Certified Chimney Sweep?

There are various tools to clean a chimney, and most WETT Certified Chimney Sweeps today use the Rotary Power Sweeps. Why? Well simply put, they generally do a far better job.

WETT Certified Chimney sweeps are trained to not only know how to clean the chimney but what to look for in regards to broken systems and how to inform the customer of maintenance or risk. Waubaushene is no different than any other location and wood fires produce creosote. No a hot fire does not eliminate creosote or the need to clean it properly, it only quickly dries the wet condensation on the chimney and helps to make creosote that is easier to clean. However hot fires can also be a risk if the chimney is in fact dirty. No burning potato skins or pop cans does not clean the chimney and neither does the creosote logs you can get at the hardware store. The logs do serve a purpose and are not bad, however they do not eliminate the need to have a chimney swept properly.

There are Certified Chimney Sweeps in the Waubaushene area, and we do service Waubaushene and have a WETT Certified Advanced  Chimney Sweep. Sadly however there are many around who will clean a chimney and are NOT Certified as Chimney Sweeps, in fact some not Certified as anything at all!! Buyer beware. Get PEACE of MIND – hire ONLY a WETT Certified Chimney Sweep to clean your system.

Realistically, in Waubaushene as other locations, many people really do need an annual chimney sweep and some sadly rarely get one.

With every Chimney Sweep, we also do a free Level 1 Inspection (without written report).

The image on the left, which has serious creosote in the chimney, was actually shown as being okay during a Level 1 inspection on the property during a home sale and inspection. When burning a home, ALWAYS get a Chimney cleaning done as a precaution. You do not know when it was last cleaned!

And ensure you hire ONLY a WETT Certified Chimney Sweep, the second image down had apparently been cleaned just before the sale! Yet clearly has two or three years of buildup, hence it was either not done or simply not done properly.

We would love to help you and give you PEACE of MIND.

Yes Waubaushene is a very nice place to live, let us help you to remain there for years to come and have PEACE of MIND with a Chimney Sweep.

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