When many think of chimney sweeping, they think of the fall.  Not because that is the best time, but because they have waited until then and then rush to get it completed before they need the heat!

In fact, spring and summer are great times to clean chimneys and in fact there are benefits to do it early.  Realistically there are far more benefits to an early cleaning than there are waiting.  

– Warm weather: We have a camera – an important tool for chimney sweeps.  We can look up the chimney and find faults.  We can determine what needs repaired easily and how to best do it.  However most chimney work is easier to perform in warmer weather, especially masonry repairs.

 – Waiting Too Long: Some who wait too long can not find a WETT Certified Professional and either settle for somebody who is untrained or attempt to do it themselves.  Either one of which may potentially have questionable results and consequences.  

– No impact on use and warmth:  Avoid cold nights.  If you wait too long into the fall the weather may get cold at night and you may wish you had your wood-stove.  However, using it if uncleaned may not be wise and you can not use before cleaning as it must be cool to work on it properly.  

– Availability of  convenient appointments: Generally most wood burning specialists are less busy in the spring time and scheduling an appointment when you want it is easier.  But please keep in mind that you should ONLY hire a WETT Certified Chimney Sweep.  Find one here and remember to put “Chimney Sweep” into services provided.  https://www.wettinc.ca/search.cfm 

– Shorter time to wait for appointment: This goes along with the previous one.  Not only are more convenient times available but likely in a shorter time frame.  

– Miss the hot humid weather: Why is this important?  Well creosote can have a nasty odour in hot and humid weather and cleaning the system can help to reduce or sometimes eliminate this possibility.  It may not always eliminate it but the sweep can give you some suggestions to help.

– Benefits of a CERTIFIED CHIMNEY SWEEP: Actually the benefits are many.  Not only the “Certification Title” but far beyond that.  Most uncertified sweeps are NOT up to date on the best and the latest techniques or technologies – check if your sweep uses “Rotary Power Sweep“, if not then that is one quick clue as virtually ALL Certified Sweeps today use that system – yes it costs them a lot more to purchase but it does a far better job in many cases.  Second point – most uncertified sweeps DO NOT have chimney cameras – and many certified sweeps to – they understand the importance of it on many jobs and use when necessary at typically no extra cost. To the left you can visualize the benefits of a camera.  Certified sweeps know what to look for and what to clean – uncertified sweeps and DIY often miss very important areas of the cleaning (smoke shelf, above baffles, etc.)

– Get PEACE of MIND: That has always been our #1 goal!  Giving YOU peace of mind.

– Book NOW: Schedule now by booking online – quickly and easily.

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