Many customers who use us for the first time are somewhat surprised. Many of the sweeps they have used in the past have been the old traditional type with just one brush and some fiberglass or bamboo rods, sheet over your wood stove, sweep the chimney and leave a load of soot everywhere for you to clean up. In and gone in half an hour or less. When they greet us, two of us, with power sweep, camera, high powered vacuum.. well it is a bit of a surprise. The fact is that certified modern sweeps use a vast array of equipment and vacuums to keep your home as clean as possible. Often times cleaner than when we arrived. However, we also do visual inspections of your system, sometimes using a sophisticated chimney CCTV to look all the way to the top inside the flue. However, part of that role is also educating the customer. Which is why we have so much education and ongoing training. How the system works, the chemistry and physics of wood burning and the chimney. It is no longer somebody simply pushing soot around. Well sadly some still do that, however the better Certified Sweeps are far more than that. There are many system types, and each needs to be cleaned properly from the bottom to the top. Bricks replaced, baffles checked, gasket integrity checked, it is all part of the job. Sometimes showing the customer how to use the system as well, it is what we pride ourselves in and what sets us apart from the competition. Protect yourself, your family and get PEACE of MIND. There’s still a long way to go, but things are heading in the right direction and we are working hard to get the whole industry to come along. We have a WETT Certified Advanced Chimney Sweep call today.

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