Most of the wood burning systems we find with serious problems are simply because they were simply not installed correctly in the beginning. The reason is almost because the customer has tried to save a few dollars by doing it themselves or hiring a general contractor to do the job. The really sad part is sometimes these contractors are claiming to be wood burning system installers and some even sub-contracted by large stove manufacturers. The bad part is when a properly Certified Chimney Sweep arrives and points out the flaws and faults. And it happens far too often. The photograph on the top is actually a so called professional installation in Orillia by a large company. The chimney needs 2 inches clearances to combustibles and is clearly shown on labels on chimney, which are still present and in place as the installation is actually less than two years old. Sadly there is perhaps one inch on each side maximum from the chimney to the wooden roof decking. The customer sadly has to pay for the repairs of an improperly installed system. The problems is surprisingly often simply lack of knowledge. However one might think they could have read the labels in this particular case. On the surface the installation of a wood stove and chimney seems pretty simple and straightforward, especially for someone who is good with their hands and to construction work. Reality is however they lack the knowledge often in the code – they often do not even own a copy of the wood-burning installation code! Sadly likely 99% of installations carried out by an untrained persons fail at least one area of the code rules. Even if one has a copy of the code rules, there are many aspects which are still not clearly defined or easily found. Often times one runs into a situation which is not clearly outlined or maybe they simply could not find it in the code book. This is where experience is important, critical in fact. An experienced wood burning installation professional will be able to advise you on the correct way to do the job. Reality is, as the customer above found out, it can cost you more in the end. Sadly that particular customer thought they had hired a proper professional. Find a WETT Certified Technician or WETT Certified Advanced Technician for your installation needs. Lack of training, education, experience all are meaning you are destined to fail. In the end you have zero paperwork for your own records or the insurance company. A good installer should provide the necessary WETT Report at the end of the job, as part of the job and at NO extra cost. If they try to charge extra they simply are putting the screws to you because they think they can. Generally speaking, when it comes to solid fuel burning installations, you get what you pay for. My strong advice is don’t chance it – get a WETT Certified Technician – Hire a professional. Do it RIGHT – get PEACE of MIND. If you don’t, you could end up paying much more in the long run. Call today – we are a WETT Certified Advanced Technician and WETT Certified Advanced Chimney Sweep.

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